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Marathi Calendar 1990 Pdf 14 pearpil




However, there are some festivals in Marathi calendar in year 1990 which are not in Hindu calendar. Those festivals will be marked with (). Marathi festivals in year 1990 January February March April May June July August September October November December See also Marathi festivals Hindu festivals Category:Marathi festivals Category:Marathi festivals in Maharashtra Category:Festivals in Maharashtra Category:Events in Maharashtra Category:Events in IndiaQ: Associate class with multiple different Database I'm relatively new to Hibernate and I was wondering whether it is possible to associate a class with multiple different database tables. More specifically, I have a class X which has a field A (int, PK). I can create a normal mapping of class X to the database table T. Now my question is: 1. Can I somehow tell hibernate to use X.A for T.A? 2. How can I tell hibernate that I want to use X.A and T.A? A: There's a thing called a table per class mapping. It's a bit old (Hibernate 3.x), but if you're using Hibernate 4.x then there's a @SecondaryTable annotation that makes this kind of mapping very easy. It's pretty simple: @Entity class X { @Id @Column Integer id; @Column(name = "A") Integer a; @Column(name = "B") Integer b; } @SecondaryTable(table = "T") class T { @Column(name = "X_ID") Integer x_id; @Column(name = "Y_ID") Integer y_id; With this mapping, you can do something like: // somewhere else... T tx = new T(); tx.setX(x); tx.setY(y);; session.flush(); // later... session.get(




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Marathi Calendar 1990 Pdf 14 pearpil

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